Reflecting his advertising campaigns, Pierre Hardy has created a Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection that is embodied. His new collection is built around style icons that are dear to him, types of women or men, or even close friends. He thus offers a gallery of figurative shoes, some sketching portraits, others evoking the atmosphere of an era

The strict elegance of a Belle de Jour, and more generally the Parisian silhouette of the Left Bank, inspires him to create feminine shoes with a discreet sophistication. Whether it’s city shoes, sneakers, or of course evening models, sophistication always emerges.

The athletic look of bodybuilder and model of Robert Mapplethorpe (1946- 1989), Lisa Lyon, dictates to the Parisian designer shoes shaping the foot with cuts and indentations - like a bodysuit. The topline of the Scuba pumps also evokes the sexy and curved fashion.

Through the Stella pumps and boots - minimalist, with sharp, deliberately pure lines - Pierre evokes the androgynous silhouette of the leading yet discreet supermodel from the 1990s, Stella Tennant. A certain nervous rigorism specific to this period that he also likes. Another reference to this decade, but under the influence of House Music this time, with the glam and psychedelic sway of Lady Miss Kier, -singer of the group Deee-Lite-, for sandals in metallic leather Op art as much as Disco. As many themes, personifications as ways to approach the graphic and tonic style of the Parisian designer.